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Author: Bharath M Urs



Hi all , A good news for all 3D developers ---> SOFTIMAGE XSI 7 has been released .

SOFTIMAGE|XSI is an animation software which is used to create imaginary characters for FILMS,GAMES,ADS etc..

XSI 7 introduces the new ICE( Interactive Creative Environment ) .

ICE : It's a very flexible environment , so that we can create the custom tools and effects visually instead of writing a piece of code !! . That means using a node based dataflow diagram we can create any complex 3d effect without writing a code ! .

"It’s AMAZING. I never imagined that I would be able to create such complex particle simulations so easily, and I am using something like 5% of the real power available. Thanks Softimage!"

Fabio Leporelli, Peerless Camera Company

XSI 7 is being launched in INDIA , in Mumbai on 4th of October 2008 . Those who are interested CLICK here to register for the event . The event is being sponsored by LENOVO .

To download a 30-day free trial of XSI 7 CLICK HERE .

For more details on SOFTIMAGE|XSI visit there site HERE .

To see the works done using XSI 7 , and what customers say SEE THIS .



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