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Author: Bharath M Urs


O R A C L E 8i

After installing Oracle and restarting the OS , you may receive the message saying the "Oracle not found" , when you try to login SQL plus.. What do we do for this..??!!

* Open Command prompt
* Type svrmgrl
* Type connect internal (if it asks for a password then type "oracle" ) .
Type startup ... If everything goes fine , it says Database mounted..

Now start SQL plus , with Username and Password : Scott/Tiger or System/Manager

Note : You need not specify host_string , but if you get the message "protocol adapter not found ", then type the name that you had given for Global database name / SID . Even then if u get the same error message , your oracle isn't installed properly!! .

How to Create New Database User ?

* Open Command prompt , type svrmgrl
Type connect internal (if it asks for password , type "oracle")
* Type startup if database is not mounted ( if database is already mounted it says "Cannot start - Oracle already running " )

* Type " CREATE USER username IDENTIFIED BY password "

Now you can login SQL plus using the new username and password .



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    VERY NICE!!! Nice blog maga when u start getting more time start discussing the current burning issues.. Giving your perspective bout the whole thing.. That'll be cool.. Nevertheless, brilliant!!

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