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Microsoft Surface

Author: Bharath M Urs



This is one of the biggest Microsoft corporation's secret, looks like a normal coffee or a study table till the device is switched on.This 2-ft table does not have keyboard or mouse , It is a multi-touch product (Surface computing) that allows us to interact by hand gestures , brushes or any other physical objects .

Specifications that Surface is going to have :

> Intel Quad Core XENON - 2.66 GHz
> 4 GB DDR2 (1066) RAM
> 1TB of Hard drive.

The Microsoft surface applications are written using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) also Microsoft XNA .
For some application demos visit HERE .

It has wi-fi to access the web (also has wired ethernet), Bluetooth 2.0 technology , inbuilt Speakers and sub-woofers .

Microsoft Surface was launched in Apr 17th 2008 . The Consumer Version is planned to be released in 2011 . The price varies from ($5000 to $10000)

We had seen these in movies but now it's REAL .We can actually feel those which were shown in movies.

For more details visit MICROSOFT SURFACE website .



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